Before I came to McCloud Ganj (place of the Tibetan Exile Government) I had the plan to tattoo the wonderful sentence „And if there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire“on my chest; but I’m no longer sure about it – this saying became tragic and sad. I read about it but I wasn’t aware of the fact, that there is a self immolation of a Tibetan Monk almost every week – since about six months. The Monks set themselves on fire to demonstrate against the Chinese dictatorship and they hope that the world will witness how much they suffer. It was heartbreaking for me to realize, that it is still so bad. I knew about the Tibetan situation, I read about the self immolations, I heard about the forced sterilizations of Tibetan women and I knew that you will go to jail for possessing a speech or a picture of the Dalai Lama. But the “Free Tibet” movement was so”uio90ies” for me!

The Tibetans’ are still fighting and they still hope for the world to see what is going on. All our countries are connected to the Chinese economy and none of our Governments will ever officially support the Tibetan rights, we are probably the only support the Tibetans have. Please don’t close your eyes, it may be an “untrendy” theme but it doesn’t mean that it got better in the last 20 years. My time in India is almost over now; I will fly to Nepal tomorrow. I had a good time here but India will never be my favorite country.

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