It’s really difficult for me to write anything about India. Everybody tells you that you will either love or hate this place; but to be honest: I don’t love or hate it. I can handle the chaos, the dirt, the poverty and the noise, but I have an enormous problem with the locals here – some are really lovely and polite but the majority seems to consume drugs all the time. I would say there are three different kinds of drug abuse. “THE OPIUM SMOKER”: This is probably my preferred addiction, the usual Opium smoker rests the whole day and ignores every tourist, even if you try to provide him some business he is not willing to do anything and he prefers to make no money. I would say almost every Rickshaw driver is doing “SPEED” – they are fast, aggressive and creative. They linger for easy prey at every corner, bus station, museum, and restaurant, if you leave one of these places they drive around you like annoying mosquitoes, it’s almost impossible to ignore them and I haven’t found a “Rickshaw-Driver-Repellent” yet. Last but not least the “MAGIC MUSHROOM” consumer. This kind of Indian is unquestionably my favourite; there are no limits to his insidiousness! He drives me crazy and he makes me aggressive, but I can honour his creativity! After all these this bad things, I have to say: there is something about India, the landscapes are outstanding, the culture is fascinating and the food is amazing, I may need more time here – I don’t know, but I will see it through the next weeks.

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