Oh, how I love this country! It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s quiet, it’s “clean” and the most important thing: the people are just lovely. It was really funny, I flew with an Italian couple from New Delhi to Kathmandu in Nepal and from the moment we left the airport we had a big smile on our faces. I fell instantly in love with Nepal and I extended my Visa after only 5 days; theoretically I could stay here until July but there are some more countries I would like to discover. I’m already in a hurry, my time is running out but there is so much more to see. Is someone willing to donate me 25.000 Euro? I would be really grateful – I can travel the world for another year or so and you can work. It sounds fair to me. My Bank Details: DKB, Nr. 8989898989, BLZ 205 555 555, Subject: “FLASHPACKING DELUXE”

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