5416M ALTITUDE + 220 KM = 15 DAYS OF HELL!



Before I started my journey over the highest mountains on this planet, I had this stupid idea of a pleasant walk through beautiful landscapes. After 3 days I realized that it might be much harder than expected – but at this point I was still not prepared for all the suffering that was about to follow. Walking 120 km in 10 days to the highest pass in the world (5416m) is just pure hell – if you reach an altitude of 4000m it’s nearly impossible to breathe, you have to fight for every step. It’s just you vs. Mother Nature and no one can help you! I was surprised about myself; my physiological condition was definitely not strong enough for this challenge but my mind beat my body. I conquered the highest pass in the world, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever did and it might be the biggest triumph of my life so far. I learned a really important lesson: there is nothing left on this little planet I can’t do – I’m strong enough to do fucking everything!

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