The lazy times are finally over …



… it’s time for travelling again. Right now I’m sitting in a Café on Bali, I still don’t like Bali but tomorrow we are going to the Gilli Islands, then to Flores and I will probably ending in  Sulawesi.

After I left Thailand 2 weeks ago I went to Kuala Lumpur for an Indian Visa, but it turned out that you can apply for a Visa there only if you are a resident of Malaysia. Epic fail, I already bought a plane ticket to India – but to be honest, travelling without problems is boring. I prefer problems, I love to conquer them and in the end it’s just fun, even if it doesn’t work out perfectly.

Before I came to Indonesia I spent a couple of days in Singapore, this is another place where I could seriously live. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s perfectly organized and it’s so developed – especially compared to Europe. There is only one thing to complain about: the prices! This city is ridiculously expensive, 18 Euro for a Hefeweizen is not acceptable.

I’m already a bit sad, the date of going home gets closer everyday! I still have more than 4 months left, but it’s nothing in terms of travelling. After a couple of months abroad: hours, days, weeks and months seem to change to a new time level – it’s difficult to describe. But first it’s time to enjoy my last days of total freedom.

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